Cosplay Photography​​​​​​​
Showcase your inner Villain or Hero
Who do you become when you leave the your 9-5, studying or even starting your own business? We all have an alter ego in some way and Cosplay can be one of the best forms of escapism for anybody. Pro Exposure Photography we believe that cosplay and the creation of the amazing detailed costumes is a real art form. The effort involved in bringing the characters to life is truly incredible.
We have developed our unique Cosplay photography to ensure that we capture you as whoever you become in that moment and that we highlight the details of your often intricate and incredible costumes. We have tools to maximise the potential of your look so that you not only feel transformed during the shoot but so that you document your unique take on your chosen character.
We have been fortunate to work with some amazing artists and talented people.....
Lets capture your creation
Pro Exposure Photography work closely with clients to help capture them and allow them to share their hard work with the world with digital photography and composite image creation.
When you take the time to develop costume and a truly detailed look, the only way to capture the unique features and character is with the set, lighting and direction you would expect in a professional cosplay photoshoot.
We’ll discuss your concept with you, allow you the space and time to transform and then work with you on set to ensure your maximising on your full potential with your outfits.
What is Cosplay?
Cosplay (short for costume play) is when comic book and video game fans dress up as their favourite characters from TV, movies, comics, books, and games. Originally a popular type of photography in Japan, the cosplay community has also grown globally and in the United Kingdom as a result, so has the interest in cosplay photoshoots. In fact, hundreds of people in the UK can be seen dressing up as superheroes and other iconic figures from pop culture in comic cons and Anime conventions such as the London film and comic con and the MCM London comic con as well as guest appearances at special events.
Here at Pro Exposure Photography Bedfordshire, we can capture you dressed as your cosplay character of choice in one of our studio shoots. From Captain American to Princess Leia cosplay photoshoots aren’t just limited to men, they’re perfect for all ages and genders. Whether you love dressing up as Marvel characters, Star Wars characters or want a Game of Thrones cosplay photoshoot to showcase on social media; cosplay photography is a great activity for any fan of the cosplay world.
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