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Pro Exposure Photography understand the power of stunning photos and the part that they play in a brand achieving its objectives. Whether that be selling products via a website, providing details and information about clothing or materials we know that the images and look of them is more important than ever for brand awareness. A potential customers first impression will make or break your e-commerce website and social media so the photography that you present should make you stand out from the crowd and keep them engaged.
We have worked with clients on look book collection launch photos, ecommerce store listing photography, website photography, fashion magazine editorial and advertising photos, lay flat and ghost mannequin photos to name but a few.
We have also worked with clients to help them with their model portfolio photos and putting together new up to date fashion looks to keep them relevant to today’s trends.
Portfolio Overview
Standard for e-commerce fashion photography, a ghost mannequin shot is also sometimes known as “invisible mannequin” photography, this method gives the impression that the item of clothing is being worn by a model.
Ghost mannequin photography is widely used in the fashion and e-commerce industry, thanks in part to its versatility. Our clients often choose to use this method in conjunction with other styles including flat lay and model worn clothing to give their potential customers all the images they need to help hem press the buy button.
The number one reason to use this technique is that it allows potential customers to imagine how the garment would look in real life but without the distraction of a model.
Flat lay fashion photography is a useful and a highly effective way to list your products online. You can show them in a more informal ways and combining them with alternative types of images such as model shots gives for a modern clean looking listing.
Flat lay photos can give powerful message about your brand, providing a stylish alternative to other types of fashion photography as per the example here where we used the earthy natural element to boost the brand image for the store.
When a model showcases your clothing range, they are representing your brand and engaging with customers in a way that other concepts don’t do. Model Photography creates aspirational feeling towards your clothing, highlights certain features and tell a story that people will want to be a part of.
It is one of the most popular forms of fashion photography globally. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands, models and stylists to create both editorial and ecommerce fashion photography images.
The main benefit of photographing your items on a model is that your prospective customers can see how your clothing would look when worn before they buy it.
Not only do the clothes speak for your brand but the model, stylist and location have a great role in selling a aspirational image for your brand.
A studio environment provides numerous backdrops with a variety of scenery, colours and textures and purpose-built sets, including plain white and light grey backgrounds that are favoured in ecommerce photography.
Studio shoots are more cost effective, the photographers can work more efficiently, it’s easier to achieve a uniform look across a series of images, and there is also no need to scout for locations.
Brands we have photographed
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